Experience Builder Not updating survey 123 forms

03-20-2022 01:18 PM
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We have a solution for our outdoor workers, which allows them to fill in survey 123 forms in the field which then flows to workforce and a main site for our indoor staff to assign/cancel/reassign using survey 123 forms within experience builder.

Recently our survey 123 forms have been updated(new workers added- using applicable domain number) and i can see the updated fields within workforce and survey 123, but it is not updating in experience builder.

Is there a setting i am missing within survey 123 or do i need to republish the experience builder site whenever a change is done?


Hoping someone can assist with this one.




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What is the form of the questionnaire? Is it possible to see the form to find out the shortcomings in it? Thank you
In my opinion, you should see similar work models, thank you.

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