Rotating Mobile Devices to Landscape Mode

03-16-2022 07:22 AM
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I have a dashboard that when looked in a mobile device, it looks squished in portrait mode. The dashboard was designed for desktop viewing. The client/user now wants to see the same dashboard but on mobile devices. I used Experience Builder (EB) to develop a shell where both the desktop and mobile versions of the dashboard can be seen. The problem now is if the user decides to turn the phone 90 degrees, the mobile dashboard is back to being squished because it was setup on portrait mode.

I cant seem to be able to add another page and rotate it to landscape mode. The screen size options are hardcoded to only portrait and there seems to be no option for custom sizes. 

Is this something that is being looked at or are we stuck telling the customer not to turn their phone to landscape because there are limitations to this solution?

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@CESPEDESLUISITD Since usually, the responsive limit depends on the screen resolution (a certain px value), there could be different behaviors, especially when users have varied devices.

There is a similar support issue, BUG-000146629 - they have trouble showing the designed responsive portrait interface in landscape mode.

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