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Experience Builder list attribute URL not working

05-06-2023 01:48 PM
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Setting a list's link under "States" to an attribute in a data file isn't working.  All the other attributes in the data file are working fine. 

I've got the link set to an attribute which contains urls.  Clicking on the first card in the list goes to the correct URL (good), but clicking on ANY of the cards in the list also goes to the first one's URL (bad!).  In other words, I've got a list of 4 cards, and they all click through to the same page.  Yes, I've verified that I have different URLs for each card in my data file (see attached).

I've got different lists on each of 4 pages and they are all malfunctioning in the same way.  

Any help?  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Thank you!

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Hi @WAPSPShared, does your feature available as a public layer? If yes, can please share the link? Also can share the code you use for list?

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Hi @WAPSPShared, so I did try to find a public layer with URL and found the following layer :


I did try to setup the list similar to your sample and manage to get it to work. The following are the steps i took : 
1) I choose the following template (any template or without template will work as well)


2) After selecting the datasource, add a button on top of the list (it might be difficult to add the button, just find a empty space or can delete all elements on the list, then add button first before adding other elements). 


3) Set the button as full size and sent to the back.

RamaniGanason_3-1683437497899.png   RamaniGanason_4-1683437522658.png

4) Set the link of the button to the attribute URL. Remove the text from the button.


5) After save, I can get all the item in the list to open the link based on the features.



* Points to note : Do not set the link under States config.


* I created a view with filter that only have features with non blank URL field.





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Thank you, Ramani!  That's a good work-around that I didn't try.  Maybe the States URL isn't supposed to work the way I expect it to.

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