Experience builder feature info - Media always one klick behind

05-20-2020 12:25 AM
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I'm using the widget "Feature Info" Experience Builder to show a diagram containing a time series of date. in Addition, I display attributes as a normal text. All this must be configurated as a popup in the map, which is not perfect in usability, but it works.

So, the functionality should be, to klick on a feature in the map and in the map info there is a text plus the diagram referring to this feature.


The Problem is now, if I klick on a feature A, the text shows the correct attributes of feature A, but the diagram does not change. Clicking on feature B, the attributes in the text change to B, but the diagram now shows feature A. clicking on C, text changes to C, diagram changes to B, and so on.


Am I doing something wrong, or is this a knownbug?

And if so, is there a work around to fix it?



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Hi David, 

Does the date series come from feature attributes? 
Could you provide more detail of your popup configuration and your data? 



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Hi Wei,

thanks for your answer. The data series comes from feature attributes. I uploaded the Feature Layer to AGO and made a map from it there. The Popup has two parts, the "Custom attribute display" through which I show two two figures in a text plus a "Popup-Media" diagram, which shows 24 figures as a time series. The two figures that are shown in the text are also part of the time series in the diagram.

The figures are numbers, that are stores as doubles in the attribute table.

I just doublechecked:

When I look at the pop-up in the Web-Map, without the experience builder, the corregt diagram is shown.

thanks again


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