Experience Builder does not regard some letters in Turkish alphabet while filtering.

06-21-2022 02:05 AM
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Hi, I am an active user of ArcGIS EB, unfortunately while using  the filter and search widgets, I realized EB does not regard the capital "İ" and lower case "ı" which are frequently used in Turkish. To explain in more detail, it matches the "i" with "I" but in Turkish things are a little different:

i=İ and ı=I

I hope this complicated problem is solvable. 🙂


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@UğurBaranSarıbaş - Is it possible to share with us data containing the special characters in Turkish for us to take a look at?

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Hi @TonghuiMing

Sure, here is a demo data.


Thanks for quick response,

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I have been experiencing this issue as well. It causes more serious problems when it comes to the search widget or search feature of the list widget. For instance, one of the columns includes the data below. If one needs to search it including the letter 'ı', no data is returned as a result.

Kadınlarının Sorunlarını Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi

The other issue is related to the 'İ'. When one searches lower case 'i' which is equivalent to the same letter, it does not return the data with capital 'İ'. İSTANBUL and İZMİR can be examples of this issue.  The capital 'İ' does not directly cause problems with the filter widget. However, the 'ı' letter is not working with the filter widget and search widget as well. We have a column with domains such as İş Fırsatı, Eğitim Fırsatı and Staj Fırsatı. The filter does not work with those. We could have used a coded value domain with integers but for some column we have more than 1000 domains so we cannot change from scratch. 

Thank you so much.

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Hi again,

From now on, even the capital "İ" does not in the filtering. Two days ago at least 'İ' was working but now 'İ' and 'ı' do not return any results.

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