Exp. Builder support for embedding videos

08-25-2022 09:46 AM
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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if it possible to use video as a background on a Exp. Build. App? I try to embed a video using the embed widget but the video will not auto-play ( autoplay=1 won't work) or loop. It also show all the video frame and setting from youtube since it only let you embed a code or url ( not from your your local drive like an image). There are also no setting for the embedded video to control the look. I'm basically trying to build a Storymap look (like this: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/329cf9ade18248ccb71ad05b32ba762b) but with some custom functionalities. Has anyone try successfully to use video as background on exp. builder? Thanks for any suggestions!


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Hi @JoseBarrios1 

Currently, with the Embed widget enhancements and changes due to compliance requirements, HTML <video> should be naturally supported, along with the "autoplay" attribute. Something like this:

<video autoplay loop> <source src="https://xxx.mp4"> </video>