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ExB Developer organization basemaps with EnterprisePortal "anonymous-portal-access disabled"

03-13-2023 06:26 AM
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When I publish a public-available Experience from ExB-Developer, our EnterprisePortal organization basemaps do not appear. Instead the Esri default basemaps are listed in the map-basemapgallery-widget.

The organization's basemap/gallery group is set to public, as is all the content/services it contains. Our Enterprise Portal is NOT accessible anonymously. Enabling the "anonymous access" in the org-settings would solve the problem (tested, org. basemaps appear) but due to security reasons we are not allowed to do so.

This question/problem has been mentioned several times and described as solved in the forum.... only I don't see any actual solution or statement about it anywhere... (#1044139, #1174539#M4401, #1019810, #162566)

  • Am I missing something, is it a bug?
  • Is it even possible with "anonymous portal access disabled" ...or not intended that way at all?
  • Are there any kown solutions / workarounds?

ExB-Dev Version: 1.10
Enterprise Portal: 10.9.1 (anonymous access disabled)

Would love to here your experiences or a statement from esri regarding that issue.


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