new to URL Parameters - possible to filter layers?

03-12-2023 01:20 AM
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Hi ExB community,

I have used URL parameters in dashboards, but not yet in Map Viewer or Experience Builder.

I read through this documentation before posting here-

I have a bunch of maps which are all pretty much the same except for three of the layers are filtered all to the same field name and feature = OperationName and which ever operation the specific ExB is about.

At the moment I save as an Experience Builder and Map Viewer from a previous operation and then have to manually filter the three layers in Map Viewer and then go into Experience Builder, swap out the map and reconnect up all the actions/triggers, target layers in the widgets. It's time consuming. I have been using ArcGIS Assistant and tried swapping out the map widget id, but there was a weird flow on effect, and it looked fine to the front end user but when I opened it up in ExB to edit it everything showed data from the previous Experience Builder I had save ased from.

Is there a way to use URL parameters to cut down on the workload? Ideally I'd have one map and one Experience Builder and all I'd have to do is add on operationname=operationx...similar to how it's worked for me the time I tried it in dashboards.

Some further context once this is all done I add it in as part of a gallery in the Hub.

Thanks in advance for your help and any ideas.

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You can filter data sources according to the documentation you linked, but it sounds like you want URL parameters to interact with the widgets. I don't think it's possible. It's listed in the product road map:

Would encourage you to vote for and add a comment as to why it's useful to your organization / workflows here: