ExB Developer Experience Deployment Issue

02-15-2022 07:49 AM
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Having some difficulty deploying an Experience created and downloaded from ExB Developer v1.7

I ran thru THIS guide, created the item and registered it to our org AGO site (just like we do with our WAB apps).  Updated the cliendId in the config.json, etc.. all that stuff.  However when the Experience is unzipped and copied to the directory that the webserver uses (a virtual directory mounted on a remote filesystem), this is what I get in dev tools:



The AGO Web Mapping Application Item details:

URL: https://ourdomain/WAB/ExB/ODSS/index.html

Redirect URI's: https://ourdomain/WAB/ExB/ODSS, https://ourdomain/WAB/ExB/ODSS/index.html


It looks like there's multiple cdn directories trying to be access?  Not sure what I'm doing wrong!




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