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Editor Widget does not allow Update button to be clicked when adding a related record.

04-22-2024 10:19 AM
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I have an experience builder app for a cemetery where there is a graves polygon layer that has a burial records table related to it. In the editor widget I have it set up so when you click on a grave you can edit and create a burial record in the related table for a Grave. When a name is added to a burial record, it automatically populates a name field in the grave polygon layer. With the name field in the grave layer populated, the user can search the name and be brought the polygon that has that burial record.

But there is an issue when I create a related record. It does not allow me to update the grave polygon unless I edit the grave layer attributes. Technically since the burial record field is populating the name field in the grave layer, it is being edited but it does not recognize this. This is confusing for the user if they are just adding a burial record and are not editing the actual grave attributes, because they have to edit a grave attribute for the update button to be available. See pictures for an example: 

Here I go to the grave layer and click 'add record' to add a burial record. There is already one related record for the name John Smith. 

Screenshot 2024-04-22 114258.png

Then I create a burial record and hit create. 

Screenshot 2024-04-22 114324.png

It has been added to the grave polygon and the name 'Mary Smith' has been populated in the grave layer name -- but it will not allow me to update the grave layer and finalize the burial record that was added. 

Screenshot 2024-04-22 114342.png

It will only allow me to update if I edit the grave attribute. (such as adding and deleting a space in the field 'original price') Now the update button is bright blue and can be clicked.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 114354.png       


Is there a way to fix this? It is already confusing for the user to have to hit create a burial record, and then hit update on the graves layer. But it is very confusing if they also have to remember to click a grave attribute and hit space and then delete that space to be able to update the feature. 

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by MVP Regular Contributor
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Once you create your related table record you don't need to 'update' within your main layer again. The create acts as an update since they are related. I use the same solution

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