Edit widget: Can you edit 3D content?

05-23-2022 11:37 AM
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Hello everyone,
I have the following two questions:

1) I would like to design a web app where users can interactively move/delete/add 3D objects in a 3D map. This works well for 2D maps via the "Edit" widget, but not for the layers with 3D content. All layers are editable as well as hosted feature layers.

2) Is it possible to use two different layers when creating charts using the Chart widget?

Is there a solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for the post.

1) Can you provide a sample of the 3D layer so I can make further investigation?

2) Chart now does not support using multiple layers.

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Thank you for your response.

I use point layers that are annotated with 3D symbols (pinwheels in my case) in ArcGIS Pro. Attached is a screenshot of the layer and a link (https://services6.arcgis.com/Z61C8a6Z50OrL18a/arcgis/rest/services/HBC_Projektarbeit_2v_WSL7/Feature....). If you need the layer file, please let me know. The permissions for editing the layers were granted in ArcGIS online. The edit widget works for all polygon layers (area representations). Which layer do I have to use or where is the problem?


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