Edit Widget Bug after latest version update (1.14)

04-15-2024 02:13 PM
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I recently updated one of my Experience Builder Dev Edition apps to the latest version, 1.14. I have a map widget and when you select a feature on it, it will filter related records in a table widget. If a record from the table is selected, the user can then open the Edit widget to update attributes. 

After upgrading my app from version 1.12 to 1.14, when a map feature is selected and table records are filtered, and selected for editing, the Edit widget loads and is completely blank. If a record from the unfiltered table widget is selected, the Editing works as expected. This all worked perfectly in 1.12 so I think a bug was introduced in the latest version. 

Has anyone else run into this issue and/or found a work around for it? I've checked the sharing on the item and that is not the issue. 

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I'm not using the dev build, but the edit widget started hanging on the loading circle today when trying to update a feature, and it's still occurring as of now.

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We see the same problem, when filtering a table from a list or table. When the last table is not filtered the update widget works correctly, however when it is filtered white screen.
Is this a bug? And is there a workaround?
Version 1.13 did not pose this problem, it has since the upgrade to 1.14.