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Domain Forwarding for Experience Builder URL

a month ago
Occasional Contributor

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is an Experience Builder issue or with my web service provider Go Daddy, but I created an Experience Builder site for a customer. They want to share the site with the cities in our county. The URL for experience builder is long and cumbersome, so I went to Go Daddy and used domain forwarding to create a short link using my website as the domain. The problem is the shortened URL only works with http, not https.  If the customer types in the shortened URL without specifying http, the website doesnt open because it defaults to https. Has anyone else run into this?



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Hi @DryCreekEng , 

I am not sure about the Go Daddy issue, but if you just want a short URL link, I think you can try the Share widget, which can generate short links for published apps. 

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