EB Coordinate Conversion Widget - changing the Address Output Format

03-14-2023 08:50 AM
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We currently are working on an Experience Builder App for assigning addresses. We are looking for a widget that can be used for reverse geocoding like the Address Inspector tool in ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro.

The Coordinate Conversion widget can be used for reverse geocoding but the output seems to be limited to the following format (using either the ArcGIS World Geocoder or our own street locator):  a range of addresses, street name, city, zipcode. The range output seems to correspond with the min/max address values of the nearest segment in our road centerline to the point selected on the map. 

We would like a single address for the point selected, street name, city, zipcode. Is there a way to specify the format of the output address or is there another solution available? 

Thank you, Lara

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