Download Experience Bldr App created in AGO

05-12-2021 02:09 PM
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I have created an Exp Builder application in the AGO. I would like to download the application and deploy it on my web server. 

I don't see an easy way to just download the app. So I have done the following steps:

  1. I created a template from by ExpBlrd application in AGO
  2. Then in ExpBldr Dev Edition I created an new application (Experience) from the template created in step 1
  3. All of the above steps worked fine. But when I opened my new application in the ExpBldr Dev Edition, I got an error 'Cannot read property 'widgetType' of undefined'
    1. It looks like the problem is happening because I am using the 'Query Widget' in  my application - and it looks like it might not be available in Dev Edition. 

Is there any other ways to download the app, or does anyone has any other suggestions? 



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Hi Nataliya,

Currently, that is the easiest way. We are releasing the 1.4  dev edition today and you should not have this error if you use this version. 



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Hi David, I am getting the same Error Message on 1.4 when I add a Views Navigation Widget within a Sections Widget. This works fine on 1.3. Should I ask this on a new Post?

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Hi Bruno,

Yes, let's ask this in a new post so some of my colleagues can see what the issue is.