Data source not recognising Utility Network layers

03-31-2022 10:19 PM
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I have found that our ExB Dev Ed (v1.7) is not seeing layers within our Utility Network service, its only showing the Service Teritory layer. This may be relate to an issue that I have seen in my travels around the new Map Viewer not handling subtypes. However the map widget shows the UN features and the associated layer list widget shows the UN layers. That being said we have also found that the select tool within the map widget also does not select UN features, it does select features from non-UN layers. We are trying to configure these layers into an associated table widget. I note that ExB 1.8 will have a widget to perform Utility Network traces, will ExB 1.8 also fix these issues with UN layers not appearing in the datasource? 

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Any resolution on this one yet?


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