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Custom widget cannot be added to Experience

06-06-2023 12:08 PM
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I am getting some very odd behavior in Experience Builder related to my custom widgets. I have successfully built a number of custom widgets previously, but I don't understand how why this is happening and I have not been able to get a solution from ESRI support.

The problem started as I attempted to make the widget called 'basemap' in the picture below. The widget appears in builder mode and it can be added to the Experience, but it does not load the setting.tsx or widget.tsx files. Any changes made to these files will not be picked up in the Experience and the widget does not appear as an entrypoint in the webpack console.

Then, I started over. I created a new widget from scratch called 'Basemap Gallery' and it worked. I built a working basemap widget. But as I started adding basemaps to the widget, it got too big to display properly in the widget controller, so I wanted to move it to the sidebar. So I deleted it out of the Experience. Now it cannot be re-added to this or any other Experience. This widget does appear as an entrypoint in the webpack console.

I made a copy of 'Basemap Gallery' and renamed the folder and manifest.json name to 'Basemap G'. It has the same problem as 'Basemap Gallery'.

All of the OOTB widgets and my other custom widgets behave normally. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Update: I cannot create a new Experience and receive the following error in the server console when trying to do so.



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When creating a setting for a custom widget for the first time, it is important to ensure that the file name is changed to "setting.tsx" without the letter 's', and the folder name should also be the same as well.

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