Custom Widget - BaseFeatureAction Type Functionality in Experience Builder?

11-29-2021 12:29 PM
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I am currently working at rewriting Widgets that were written in WebAppBuilder to similar functionality in ExperienceBuilder.  One of the components I utilized in WAB was the BaseFeatureAction item.  That way, when a parcel was clicked, there were a number of different processes a user could select from the identification window.  Has anyone found a way to reproduce this in Experience Builder?  Or if not that specifically, is there a way to add other tools besides 'Zoom To' to the feature popup box?  

Any suggestions on best approaches to do something similar with this application would be appreciated.



Jonathan Kressin

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I did it this way. In my custom widget that produces search results I add an action button to the popup template for the results featurelayer.

    let AssessReportAB = new ActionButton({
      title: "Assessment Report",
      id: "taxReport",
      image: require("./assets/Report-dark.svg")

    let popUpInfo = {
      title: '{' + titleField + '}',
      content: this.getPTcontent,
      outFields: ["*"],
      actions: [AssessReportAB,taxBillAB,impReportAB,CoordReportAB]
    var pt = new PopupTemplate(popUpInfo);


jimuMapView.view.popup.viewModel.on("trigger-action", function(event) {
        if(that.props.state === WidgetState.Opened){
          if ( === "taxReport") {
            let attributes = jimuMapView.view.popup.viewModel.selectedFeature.attributes;
            this.showTaxReport(attributes.PPIN, this.currentLayerAdded);

 of course this route does not add the actions to any popup that appears in the app but that is actually exactly what I want in my scenario.

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