Custom OAuth2 Login Page for deployed app

07-31-2022 11:31 PM
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We followed the steps mentioned here :, to register the deployed app on ArcGIS Online and enable OAuth2 based authentication.

However when the user tries to login to the app, instead of default OAuth2 login screen, we want to have our own custom login page with the company logo and name. Is it possible to use our locally hosted custom login page in place of the default one with OAuth2?

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Hi @harshvardhansingh_j ,

It is more like a ArcGIS login customization issue after you registered your app on ArcGIS Online. I don't think ArcGIS online support custom login page currently. Usually it will display your organization name at login page, but no logo customization. 
I saw some similar discussion for Enterprise, but seems not supported as well. You may ask the idea at ArcGIS Online .


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