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07-13-2022 11:19 PM
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I have some problems with bookmark size, bookmark windows seem to be quite big for the app window. In 'Style' settings of the bookmark widget it`s possible to change position, frame, rotation of the whole widget window.

Is there any chance to change the size of bookmarks within the widget (make one or all of them smaller/bigger)?


Thank you 


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Hi @ipodosinnikov_mggt ,

It depends on the Bookmark template you use. If you use templates Slide1, Slide2, Slide3 or Advanced template, you have options to resize each bookmark item. 
With those templates, you will have "Arrangement" options. If you choose "Paging" style, you can manually resize the bookmark size, while if you choose "Scrolling", you can change the item width and the hight depends on the widget hight.