Create a project locally from a live project

10-19-2021 10:06 AM
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I am trying to create a project in my local environment from a template that was created in the Experience Builder live environment, but when I click (within my local environment) +Create New > My Templates > Create (on my template of interest), I get the following error: "Oops.. It seems this experience is built with a higher version of ArcGIS Experience Builder. Please upgrade to the latest version to view."

I've tried updating my local environment as stated in the error message, and even followed again the installation process from scratch as outlined at The same error is shown.

Is it typical that the development (local) version of Experience Builder ( is not the same as the live version? If that is the case, then how can one go about using the a previously created template from the live version, in a local development environment?

Help, I'm stumped.

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The dev edition usually only lags a bit behind the one on AGOL when updates happen. If there is a feature you need from the latest update, it will make its way to Dev soon. Someone on the development team can probably speak to this with more details, or perhaps a firm ETA.

- Josh Carlson
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Yes, it appears that version 1.6 of the developer edition came out the day after you posted your question.  Version 1.6 should work for you.

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