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Clone Timeline Widget from Custom Widget Github Repo

09-01-2023 06:55 AM
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Good morning folks!

I'm hoping to implement a Timeline widget in an ArcGIS experience builder app that I'm working on, but I need to use TypeScript + React.js (v 18) to customize it and build on what comes out of the box. I was wondering if this widget was 'clone-able' in the public facing github repo? Is there a way to customize this widget (like i've been doing with the widgets in the github) rather than using it as is from out of the box?

The widget I'd like to use is linked here:

The github repo to which I refer is linked here:

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! 


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To modify an ESRI widget go to client/dist/widgets/common/theWidgetYouWant and copy the folder to /client/your-extensions/widgets. Rename the folder and the name in manifest.json. Then do your customization in the src folder.

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