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Chart - Line chart - Display output based on Date field

04-12-2022 02:11 AM
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Hi Team,

I am looking for a functionality, where I wanted to display a Time series using Chart widget (Chart type is Line chart) which will have dimension as StartDate (Date field). And out put I wanted to display two rows CustomersOn and CustomersOff (Number fields). 

But category field doesn't shows Date fields. 


Something like below I wanted to display. 


Please let me know is this possible with current latest version 1.7 or in near feature it is going to implement. 



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I would like to do the same thing.  Any word from Esri on this one yet?  I know this is possible in Dashboards.  

One workaround I am considering is embedding just that graph from a ArcGIS Dashboard into my experience.  But, that of course limits me on triggers, filtering, etc. 

Kevin Wright
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Hello, supporting date fields in Chart is on our road map. Current release plan for it is 1.9.  

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by Anonymous User
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Did the date field in Chart get added in Release 1.9?  I don't see it but I could be mistaken.  Thanks.

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