Buttons in windows, URL links, map "zoom to" features, line spacing

12-09-2021 02:23 PM
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Hi all,

I have three distinct issues I am running into (and one minor issue).

The first problem is that I have a window that pops up as a tutorial (opens with page 1). There are numbered buttons that the user clicks, and they each pop up with a window. The first time the experience is visited, this seems to work no problem. Click a numbered button, window with a tip pops up, and then when the user wants to close the tutorial just click outside the window to close it. However, if the page gets reloaded or the site is visited again, the first time a numbered button is clicked on, the whole tutorial window closes. Does experience builder just not like windows inside windows? I also found that setting the tutorial as a splash screen with a confirmation did not work, as the user isn't allowed to click any numbered button until they check the box agreeing to the confirmation.

The second problem has to do with views navigation and in general, the URL that appears when views are navigated between. In my experience when the user toggles between views, the URL changes. This is just kind of ugly, and there seems to be a way around it. This isn't unique to view navigation; it happens when buttons are linked to views as well. Note: the entire page is not in a "view"; there is a main section with fixed panels at the top and bottom. An example of this not happening is in the CDC places map, where the URL remains the same regardless what view you are in.


The third problem has to do with map actions. Like the CDC places map, I had my maps actions set as "zoom to", which would maintain the extent the user zoomed into as they toggled between maps in different views. This worked flawlessly until a couple weeks ago, with no discernible changes on my end that I'm aware of. Thee are four maps, and some of them zoo to the right extent sometimes but other times one or two of the maps will zoom in too close or zoom out too far.  This should go without saying but each map is set to "zoom to" the extent of the other three maps so that shouldn't be the issue. It also works perfectly in the "live view" of edit mode, and only glitches out when I am viewing the published version.


The last piece is just that the "line spacing" always displays as 1.5, even when I change it. And the text I am trying to change the line spacing of slightly reacts but not to the size that it should. It doesn't matter if I highlight the specific text or select the entire text box. In the vid I trying out all different line spacing sizes and it always reverts to 1.5. This is happens for any text box.


Thanks in advance for any help or tips!

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I am having the exact same issues with line spacing. It's really irritating. It makes all my headers look misaligned (also why can't I vertically center the text within the widget box?)

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