[BUG] Error displaying detail view of list object

02-10-2021 06:08 AM
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Again there is a problem viewing the right list item view.

When choosing an object from the list, the detail view page of this object starts to jump and scroll different objects views untill its stops some random object. First i thought that i was just a moment you're where updateing some improvements, but now i can see it is already second day when it occurs. 

Please check it out from our application https://arcg.is/1S9nuS0  . Choose some object from the list and press the button Võistluse info for detail view.



It is similar to the post i made last year -> https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-experience-builder/error-displaying-detail-view-of-list-object/...

Hope you can manage this error quickly 😉

All the best,



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