ArcGIS Experience Builder Stacked Bar Charts

11-04-2021 11:42 AM
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I am new to Experience Builder and trying to create a stacked chart, but I do not see an option to select a second attribute to split by. I am using it in ArcGIS online. Can someone point me in the right direction. I also see that there is the option to see counts when you hover over a column, but don't see where to turn that one. Many thanks!




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I was wondering the same thing!

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Likewise. Any advice?

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I haven't tried this again lately, but resorted to creating my dashboard in ArcGIS dashboard and embedded it in my Experience Builder app that has several other tabs for editing and viewing data.

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I am also curious if this can be done. The icons indicate that stacked charts are possible, but there's no place to define a group to split the stacks on.

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Yes, it is odd that both the chart icons and the help page for the Experience Builder chart widget show grouped stacked bar charts, but it doesn't seem like it's actually possible to create them. It would be nice to get a response from ESRI on this pretty basic functionality and the misleading representation of capabilities (or clear instructions on how to actually do it if it is possible).

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I am in the same situation with wanting to split by attribute. I am probably also going to just use dashboard and embed it, but really wish this would just get updated in Experience. 

I did see where you can can the value labels at the top of the bars under the "Series" tab. 

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You can do it but your data has to be formatted in a very specific way. So for the example on this page , the state is a text field and you would choose that as the category field. Then for your statistic, you cannot choose count, you have to pick sum or some other statistic. Then you will get a drop down to choose a  number field and the ones you check will be the different color bars. The fields you want to be different colors must be numeric. So if I wanted to count text categories in each state (e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low') I would need to create new columns for High, Medium, and Low and assign the values 1 for True and 0 for False. Then I could get the sum of each column (High, Medium, and Low) and display them as different colored bar for each state.




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Thats a seriously limiting way of run stacked chart statistics.

Usual data records have a single value, but your stacking is based on another category field. 


Eg.  Say you have a road line dataset and wanted to stack length of road based on road type for different states.   You want your X axis to be "State", your Y being sun of "Length" and your stacked categories to be type.


@ESRI (or anyone else) how would I tackle this pivoting of data?

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There is an idea out there on this issue - if y'all wanna jump on and thumb it up.