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Filters and Hosted Tables

09-06-2023 08:44 AM
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I have an application I am building with filters. There is a materialized view (non spatial) that is published as a table on our portal. We also have 2 layers just states and counties in the united states. This materialized view has ~200,000 records in it. I have set the datasource for the filters to be this non spatial table and then in a custom widget I am grabbing the filtered datasource and using it to display dynamic labels and rendering on these two layers. My question is if there is any reason I wouldn't want to host this table on portal and I would want to create my own backend to query this materialized view. Is there a performance concern if in the future we add multiple published tables to query from. I am trying to avoid creating a whole backend service with endpoints but we are concerned about implications of large datasets on portal. Any information on this is helpful thank you!

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