Allow the user to Enable / Disable Spatial Filtering

01-04-2022 09:02 AM
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Hello all!

I am working on an Experience Builder application that will allow the user to view 'Work Request' points on a map. There is a list that will allow the user to filter, sort, and select the points.

I would like to have the list also update when the map's extent is changed - but only if the user wants to filter spatially. When the user does not want to filter spatially, then I want the list to ignore the map's extent changes.

Is there a way to allow the user to enable/disable filtering the data by extent? If not, has anyone developed anything similar in Experience Builder DE (I am asking as this app will be built using DE, so I can add functionality if I need to).

Thanks so much!



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I'm pretty new to Experience Builder, and still figuring it out myself... Also, no experience yet with DE, but using standard Experience Builder, here's an idea (though it might be a bit clunky): you may be able to make something work with the Query widget, as you can set up a query that filters by map extent. This might require you to create two lists - one which pulls from the query results, and the other that is a full (unfiltered) list. And then a button the user clicks to select if they want to view the filtered or full list?

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I had similar need, and ended up with two list widgets.  One in each panel of a sidepanel, so they can switch between the two.

Here is a post of mine trying to figure out how to pass selections from one List widget to another.  The first part of it has info on the way I set it up for a filtered and a non-filtered list widget in the same experience.

Probably other, maybe even better ways, but this is working.



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