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Adding all layers to the Table Widget

03-13-2023 08:56 AM
New Contributor II

Is there a way to simply add all layers to the table widget in Experience Builder? I want to mimic the experience of the Attribute Table in WebAppBuilder, and it would be helpful to not have to add 30+ layers individually to the table widget.


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Esri Contributor

Hi @Calvin_Wong 

Currently if you want to add sheet to table widget you have to go layer by layer. In Web AppBuilder only one web map can be added and the table is associated with the table - while in Experience builder table can connects to multiple data sources, not only web maps.

However I think your idea is somehow valid and could simplify app building process if a table has a strong correlation to a certain web map. Feel free to raise an idea in the Ideas channel or go through Esri Support, we can help evaluate the enhancement possibility based on the general feedback along the way. Thanks!

Shen Zhang
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This really needs to be added to EB functionality. Just a way to sync the table with a map would be sufficient. Going through and manually adding each attribute table to the widget is just, ugh...

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Yeah some way to add in bulk seems necessary. I have maps with literally hundreds of layers and adding them individually to the table widget is a painful waste of time.