A Riddle: Help Solve Survey123 and Feature Class Sharing Level

12-08-2022 07:07 AM
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Hello All! Thank you in advance!!

I am creating an interface for non-gis staff to evaluate comments in old records, and answer questions based on those comments in a corresponding survey. I have run into an issue at the very end of the project....

I hope someone here can help solve this riddle! There are a few pieces to this, so I hope I can break it down to communicate this clearly. Here we go!

1) I have a survey that is writing to a feature class hosted in Portal and brought into my organizational account. 

2) The survey is shared "globally", but the feature class is not shared. In EB the survey is editing an existing record (this might be where my issue lies but not sure).



3) A map service published to an internal server (so many non-gis staff can access the map data without an AGOL account), which creates a map image. I added this to a map in my organizational account, added to the EB. The map is shared "globally". And I have connected the Survey to the Map (as you might be able to see above).

4) The Experience I have built is shared "globally". So, although someone outside of our organization's network could access the experience, they will not see the map, or be able to access asset information tied to the survey. They can see the survey questions, which is fine. 

5) Here is the issue.... Experience builder is requiring me to share the feature class (from step 1) at the same level as the survey that is writing to it, in order to submit a survey. When I do not, and I am not logged into an account, it gives an error message seen below.

I cannot share these data beyond our organization. 



Thank you for sticking through that.

I have many surveys that are shared at a different level than the feature class that they are writing to. Is this a known issue? Something that can be fixed? Or do we have to make AGOL accounts for the 20 or so people who might be doing this work on occasion for a short period of time...? I am not even sure we have that many accounts to give, and prefer not to go down this route since this is the only time they would use it.

Your help solving this is much appreciated! I can clarify any of this if interested in helping but confused by my writing.


Jessica Thompson

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Hi Jessica, 

I think I understand your problem however my workflow is in ArcGIS Online not Portal, but as a way of perhaps offering some help quickly. The way I have got around this is by using view layers. We have a number of applications which allow anyone without a Survey123 licence to enter a submission but not have access to the original hosted feature layer. I wrote some notes for myself which may be a bit out of date by now, but may be helpful and have links to some Esri blogs on the subject. Hope this helps.

Best wishes


GIS Analyst @ The Rivers Trust
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