URL Parameters for Experience Builder

07-27-2020 08:43 AM
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Would be great if URL Parameters were supported in Experience Builder, similar to what is supported by ArcGIS Dashboards - see URL parameters—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation specifically the "Feature parameters" which reads: "Feature parameters are used to pass one or more feature IDs to a dashboard. They can be used to filter the dashboard's elements, or they can be used to apply location actions—Zoom, Pan, Show pop-up, Follow Feature, and Flash—to the dashboard's maps."



I just went looking for this today -- we have a dashboard that lets the user focus on one city within the county.  but it's embedded in experience builder so the user gets a good experience on the desktop or their phone ... it'd be great if we could pass url parameters for dashboard through experience builder.


I agree, after running across a walkthrough for how to create a reactive dashboard based on the device screen size, I really wanted to set up an example, but we also use URL parameters to customize the experience for different users.


I'd go further - you should port over all of the Share Widget functionality - especially extent and query capability. 

Our use case is #FireMappers ArcGIS Web Application 

We want to be able to share directly to one fire.


I was hoping to use experience builder as a solution for resizing dashboards for mobile, but our dashboard uses a feature URL parameter to filter content for specific group. But looks like that's not possible now. This would be a very important enhancement. 


Agreed. The Exp Builder isn't very useful without URL Parameters for providing a custom link to:

  • the map with a layer turned ON (or off)
  • the map zoomed to a specify extent (via extent, center, level parameters)
  • the map zoomed to a specific bookmark
  • the map zoomed to a specific feature (selected w/pop-up)


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Any updates on this?


It seems like this is possible already, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xdl_aMBVd8

However a bit of mystery to me how did they set this up.


Just started using the Share widget in Web AppBuilder (WAB) to obtain direct links to specific map areas and layer visibilities. Also, we have been using URL parameters to link external apps to our map via a common ID for awhile now. Both work great in WAB!

This functionality should definitely be added to Experience Builder, as we would really like to utilize the new web map layer grouping functionality that is offered there. Unfortunately the layer grouping does not work in WAB, so we are trapped between two apps each containing separate pieces of the critical functionality puzzle.

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@BrianFausel Our group is experiencing a similar conundrum. We switched over to Experience Builder because we wanted the grouping functionality.. but now we can't share a zoomed in view (share to view extent). Any update on when this will be an option in Experience's share function?