URL Parameters for Experience Builder

07-27-2020 08:43 AM
Status: Open
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Would be great if URL Parameters were supported in Experience Builder, similar to what is supported by ArcGIS Dashboards - see URL parameters—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation specifically the "Feature parameters" which reads: "Feature parameters are used to pass one or more feature IDs to a dashboard. They can be used to filter the dashboard's elements, or they can be used to apply location actions—Zoom, Pan, Show pop-up, Follow Feature, and Flash—to the dashboard's maps."



I just went looking for this today -- we have a dashboard that lets the user focus on one city within the county.  but it's embedded in experience builder so the user gets a good experience on the desktop or their phone ... it'd be great if we could pass url parameters for dashboard through experience builder.


I agree, after running across a walkthrough for how to create a reactive dashboard based on the device screen size, I really wanted to set up an example, but we also use URL parameters to customize the experience for different users.


I'd go further - you should port over all of the Share Widget functionality - especially extent and query capability. 

Our use case is #FireMappers ArcGIS Web Application 

We want to be able to share directly to one fire.


I was hoping to use experience builder as a solution for resizing dashboards for mobile, but our dashboard uses a feature URL parameter to filter content for specific group. But looks like that's not possible now. This would be a very important enhancement.