Search Widget for Experience Builder

05-04-2020 07:50 AM
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Experience builder should have a search widget, separate from the search you can enable in the map or in a list. One obvious situation is that you want the search results applied to both the list and the map. That's not possible currently, as far as I can tell. Beyond that, you should have full control to configure search options, style the widget and control the placement.

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Yep I agree. WAB development is suffering at the expense of Experience Builder development but its slow going in getting any parity!!


Just adding my voice to the choir. Most of our WABs are simple maps with the search bar configured to run a feature layer search on our parcels so we can open a pop-up instead of a geocoding result, which isn't helpful to most users. 


I am in agreement with all of this.  The Search widget in Experience Builder needs to mirror the capabilities in WAB.  For those wanting to search layers in a the web map used in your Experience, you CAN configure a search through the settings tab in the Item Details page of your web map.  Under Application Settings, toggle on By Layer and configure your search there.  It's not a complete fix to the shortcomings of the Search widget in Experience Builder, but it does provide some functionality.  


Thanks for that info @wightman_akibby !

Pop-ups were turned off in the map for the feature I used in the Search tool though they still opened in Experience Builder... I had to turn them off at the feature layer.

I didn't see any option to zoom to rather than pan.

I've tried several times to jump across to Experience Builder, and I always end up using WAB. Very frustrating. It would be a better Experience if Esri started with the functionality that already existed in WAB then everyone could migrate. Not many widgets from WAB on the 2021 Experience Builder roadmap either.


Agree with everything above. There is a big need for a configurable search widget. 


Here to agree with everyone. In addition to the current functionality, given the extra options with Experience Builder to build out pages, it would be great to also have a "floating" search option rather than having to rely on one tied to the map or list widgets. This would be super helpful for things like keyword searching, a requirement in a project we are currently trying to deliver. An example is the keyword search in the homepage of Newmarket's "Choose Local" portal: 


I think there is plenty of support for this already. But an added detail here is that a separate search widget would be able to search all records of a layer, even if the map extent is zoomed in and is filtering a list. If I use the search tool on the list, the search tool doesn't return items that are outside of extent. It's desirable for the user to search for features which may fall outside of current map extent. 


I also need a search widget to custom search source, like a specific feature layer, not the universal geocoding service. I believe there is no way to modify the search source in the map widget search tool.


I just found that List widget seems to be able to do what I described in my previous post. However, the panning and zooming effect is not working for some reason. I added message action for the List widget, trigger set as Record Selection Changes and Action set as map Pan to and Zoom to. However, when I selected a search result in the List widget, the only thing it does was making all features disappear except for the feature I selected, with no panning or zooming effect. Is there a tutorial video showing how the List widget works?


@Boyang_Wang As you describe, the List widget search does more of a filter instead of a search and then select from the list. 

Also you can configure the Search in the map (in Map Viewer) you use in your experience builder project to search specific feature layers. Experience Builder will honor that configuration. However, that search only applies to the map and is not directly applied to other widgets in the Experience Builder app.