Search Widget for Experience Builder

05-04-2020 07:50 AM
Status: Open
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Experience builder should have a search widget, separate from the search you can enable in the map or in a list. One obvious situation is that you want the search results applied to both the list and the map. That's not possible currently, as far as I can tell. Beyond that, you should have full control to configure search options, style the widget and control the placement.

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Yes any update on this ? 

I think this would be a major improvement. Right now when a user searches their zip code it zooms directly into that location (1:100), while the POI's are spread across the entire county.  User can not see these POI's unless they zoom out.  Very confusing for the user.  

Plus being able to expand the search button like it does on smaller screens would be amazing and easier for the user to know where to type in their address. 

Experience builder is great! Just a few small things making it not user friendly. 

Please spend some time to update the search settings in experience builder. 

Appreciate the work so far!  Keep it up. 



@AdamArcichowski and all, it is possible this ask might be coming in the September update? See blog post here.




Great, looking forward to giving it a shot.