Search Widget - Add Style Settings for the Search Button

01-03-2022 03:00 PM
Status: Open
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To reach our organizations branding standards, we set colors in the theme and had to manually override the styles for all of the buttons in our ExB applications. When I added the new Search widget, I saw no way to change the background color or hover color of the search button. Style settings for this would be much appreciated.


Here a likewise problem with the search widget. Although I can change the background by changing the theme with custom colors I can't find a way to change the icon color.


We are also struggling with the search widget. In our case, the search widget is placed in an organization-specific colored header where a theme-style for all the other buttons/widgets colors (or vice versa) would not match. 


This also affects our clients.  We need the ability to either set light/dark themes for all the map-linked default widgets in EB or customize them as the widget controller widgets can be, because it would be helpful for these to match.


Alternatively, if all the map-linked default widgets (search, layer/legend combo, etc.) were available in the widget controller where they'd follow the style settings set for a given theme, that could also suffice.