Remove "Add a Marker" on pop-ups

04-27-2022 03:28 AM
Status: Open
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Hello, this is Joora from Esri Korea.

The customer wants to remove "Add a Marker" fuction on pop-ups found on Web AppBuilders for security.

The customer uses Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1. This issue occurs the same on ArcGIS Online.

It is a default function that shows XY Coordinates of the points on the web map used in Web AppBuilders (both on edit page and view page).

It is not found on web maps, but on Web AppBuilders.

Here is how to find "Add a marker."

1. Click any point feature to see a pop-up on the web map included in Web AppBuilder.

2. Click ... on the pop-up.



3. Click "Add a marker" and click the blue pin created.

You can see the Longitude and Latitude of the pin point.





It is not allowed to remove the "Add a marker" function for now.

The user needs to get rid of this function as soon as possible, becuase it is an governmental institute.

Please refer the request so that it can solve customer's issue.

Thank you so much.