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Pop-up on Feature selected in Search Widget

04-12-2023 01:26 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Selecting a result found by the Search widget selects the feature on the map but does not open the pop-up for that feature. I would like to propose adding basic configuration options for pop-ups in the Search widget like what is included in Web Appbuilder ('Show pop-up when the feature or location is found.' and the option to choose either 'Use configured popup from web map' or 'Use default popup').

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Yes, I second this!  

I also would like to have a way to select the feature rather than filter the data (without using views).


I would love to have the option to add a map click event as an action. 


We all need it.


Can this be done using the Search Widget? I got as far as zooming to a feature and having the feature flash but not the pop-up aspect. This is a VERY common scenario when authoring a map, but seems way more complicated than it should be in Experience Builder. Sure, there is a lot of other very cool things the app can do, although often times it is simply deploying the basics and shouldn't be that difficult or confusing. 



Next update due out soon.




This has been provided in the AGOL 2023 October release.


@TonghuiMing And it works beautifully! 😁 Just enabled the option on my Map widget and tested this feature. This is one of those features that seems so minor but makes a huge improvement in the user experience. Great work from the ExB team!


@DavidWittmann  I must be blind. I've been fiddling with the search widget for almost an hour and cannot see how to enable pop-up from search results. Would love a tip.


@ChrisChappell1 In the Map settings, scroll all the way to the bottom and select Show pop-up upon feature selection. This feature was added in Experience Builder 1.13 and is not currently available on any version of Enterprise.




Is there anyway to have popups with custom attribute expressions work? I can get the popup to show regularly when searching an address on the map but I cannot get the custom popup to display unless the user clicks outside of the point. See app below for reference, trying to migrate to EB.