Layer List Parity between Experience Builder and Web App Builder

08-25-2021 04:30 AM
Status: Open
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Firstly, Experience Builder doesn't yet support having more that 1 layer list associated with a web map. It would be helpful to have this functionality, so that a user can thematically group the web map's layers into separate layer lists, in the same way that can be done in WAB (by unchecking the layers that you don't want to be in each layer list).

Secondly, for both WAB and EB, it would be very useful if you could shift/ctrl select a number of layers during widget configuration, and then batch turn off their visibility. Or have a button to switch all layers off.

Example, i have ~200 layer in a web map. I have grouped them into 5 layer lists, in order to make it easier for a user to locate them (solves the issue of grouping layers in WAB too). However, whenever you add a new layer list to a web app, all the layers are included, and you have to individually exclude them from the layer list widget, which takes forever:




Hi @David_Brooks , I had never thought of using multiple layer lists to overcome the lack of ability to group layers in WebApp Builder - do you have any examples of this in action (in the public domain)?  It would be great to see if so!  

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@HelenCooper sorry no i don't have anything public. But it's relatively simple in WAB to configure. When you add a layer list, you pick which layers in the web map you wish to participate in that list.


No problem, and thanks for responding @David_Brooks .  I was just keen to see how achievable it was to have a few layer lists and maintain an uncluttered screen!