Experience Builder: Allow map layers to be re-ordered

09-21-2021 07:00 PM
Status: Open
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It would be really useful if users were able to re-order the position of layers in the Map Layer Widget, which in turn would allow the drawing order of layers to be changed in the Map Widget. This would make the Experiences that we build more flexible and user friendly for our users.

This could work as it does in new Map Viewer - by dragging and dropping layers up or down in the widget, or alternatively by using a menu to move a layer up or down - and any reordering would only need to be remembered on a per-user, browser session or temporary basis.


I was just looking for this. I would really, really like this functionality! I'm building a map with several group layers for users to discover and combine in different ways, this would make my work much easier.


This is definitely needed! I have a very similar use case to @JennyRassmus 
I am looking to move our internal data explorer to an Experience Builder App in Arc GIS Enterprise.
The ability to order the layers will be essential to prove this transition to be useful.


This already exists in Web App Builder. Yet another example of how poorly designed Experience Builder is. How about ESRI hire some competent devs and UX designers to actually push out improved apps, instead of spinning out garbage with a slightly nicer UI. 





This is needed and very helpful when many layers exist.  I really want to switch away from WAB to take advantage of new enhancements of the latest technology but this is another example of things that exist in WAB that my users are used to seeing that I am unable to provide in ExB. 


I would love to see this functionality enabled as well. This would be very helpful for web maps with lots of layers and would give the end user lots more flexibility in how they could interact with the experience builders we would create. Upvote to see this integrated, and a great idea.


This functionality would be extremely useful, with Local Government having a number of different layers, being able to control the order in which layer responses are returned would be great!

I'm not sure whether doing this based upon layer order would work, as the first layer we would want to return is the Land Parcel, which is almost always towards the bottom of the map.

But having a mechanism to manage the way in which layers are returned is really important!


I'm very surprised this functionality doesn't already exist, but I second everything folks have said on this thread. This would be extremely helpful.


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