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Enabling elements to be grouped together

04-06-2023 03:39 PM
Status: Open
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Sometimes it's necessary to move multiple widgets around an ExperienceBuilder app as if they were one widget.

This functionality is not currently available. 

If I have two buttons that are in the right position relative to eachother, but need to moved to a different place in the app, I have to move them individually. 

The groups relative sizing and positioning to eachother should stay the same across multiple resolutions.

A good example of this potential functionality is in PowerPoint, where you can group items, then move them around together, as well as ungroup.


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Thanks for your idea.

Unlike the PowerPoint, this function has some complications when used in the experience builder. The experience builder's row, column, and grid layouts make it challenging to group and move widgets with different size and position settings.

To work around these difficulties, we suggest adding a fixed panel widget first and then adding the two button widgets into it. This way, you can move the buttons by moving the fixed panel.