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Emergency Response Guide and Threat Analysis Widget for Experience Builder

10-27-2023 10:57 AM
Status: Open
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Real-world Problem: First responders, especially Urban Search & Rescue Teams, do not usually have a GIS Specialist on their team. For no notice events like a hazardous material release or other threats, they need to know what areas are impacted in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Technical Problem: Since 2012? Esri has provided the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) widget, first through the iconic Flex Viewer and then through WebApp Builder (WAB). In 2023 we are beginning to move from WAB to Experience Builder (ExB), but the ERG is not shown in the road map. This is preventing us from adopting ExB and forcing us to explore other options. 

Similarly, the Threat Analysis widget is growing increasingly relevant but also not in the road map.

Potential Solution: Implement the ERG and Threat Analysis widget in ExB. These widgets could be hosted as part of a "template" or even hosted in a public app available to first responders. Their home agencies, if they have GIS staff or Esri Professional Services, can embed then app into their own viewers and workflows. 

These widgets provide a great capability that I believe first responders were only just starting to discover and appreciate. It is also a great opportunity to revisit the end-user experience and connect it to other existing widgets like the "Near Me" (formerly known as Situational Awareness widget) for more powerful impact analysis.




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Here to second this request!


Here to second this request too! We really need those widget !


Dropping the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) widget is a significant loss. This has come up several times in posts and comments. A couple of examples below.

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Also, the replacement of the Situation Awareness widget (WAB), Near Me widget (ExB), doesn't allow buffers created with the widget to be saved as a feature.

Do these omissions indicate Esri is moving away from emergency response support?



Losing this widget means we lose some of our emergency response tools. These are effective ways for us to respond and provide tools to emergency response personnel. Our team is trying to make the leap to experience builder, but this is one of a few limitations for us at the moment. 


We are also in the process of moving from WebApp Builder to ExperienceBuilder and are unable to recreate our Emergency Management app. We use both the Emergency Response Widget and the Incident Analysis widget in our original app built in WAB, neither of which are available in our new  Enterprise 11.1 portal. Not having these widgets greatly impacts the functionality of our app and our ability to successfuly migrate from our old portal to our new one.


We are in the process of implementing the Emergency Management Operations solution and while testing the system for an upcoming exercise involving a chemical spill, we found that we could not draw a radius from the facility and add a specific buffer. All facilities with Extremely Hazardous Substances are required to have a plan on file with the county. We use CAMEO products to pre-determine what the radius is for specific chemical and quantity. We use that radius to determine the vulnerable areas in a chemical spill. Being that we cannot replicate that radius with the current tool, we are forced to draw "eyeball it" and have unprecise affected areas and notifications. It would be beneficial for this solution to allow us to be able to draw a box or a radius from a specific point on the map. 


I second all the comments, please implement the ERG and Threat Analysis widget in ExB, we use the old one for Hazmat call outs at our local and state levels and would be great to have the tool in the new sExB  apps.  Also consider including more accurate model for plumes such as


I would like to see the ERG and Threat Analysis widgets enabled into experience builder. The functions have been extremely beneficial for our department and loss is a huge hit to our productivity. This was a major selling point for our management and city! I would love to see these reimplemented. I also second the idea of more plume modeling such as aloha! Thank you!


We continue to make progress in advocating for these key public safety widgets getting migrated to ExB.  There have been some internal discussions to raise this to a higher level thanks to your feedback.  Something else that would help in the short term is commenting on the need for these key widgets in the 2024 Pre-UC Surveys that Jack will read. July 12 is the deadline for submission. The link for the survey is here - .  Please comment on your ExB widgets needs like ERG and Threat Analysis if you get a chance. And frankly any other feedback your suggestions you’d like Jack and Esri leadership to see.