Create a chart using a date field

03-28-2022 08:57 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to create a chart using a date field as a category.  This would allow a chart to be created showing count by date or sum by date.  

This is available in Dashboards but not in experience builder.

I saw this in the questions category but thought I would throw it in as an idea so it can get voted on.


Please see this additional idea and give it kudos:

Allow us to choose the field we use as the "COUNT'... - Esri Community


Would really like this option as well.   Added my Kudos to your comment to help raise awareness.


It is crazy to think that the Experience Builder team would build a chart widget, but not allow a date to be on the category axis. Can anyone from Esri chime in on how we can do this? Surely there is a way....


Is there any update on this?

I need to use dates on the category axis to display covid cases over time. Surely, it can't be this hard.


This is huge for me. I came back from the UC all excited to try to start migrating some of my WAB apps to ExB, and then immediately got stopped in my tracks by the absence of this feature.


I talked with the engineers at the UC. This feature is being developed.  However, I did not get a specific date for the release.


Yes, I thought I was missing something until I saw this post.  Everytime I try to use Experience Builder I get so far then run into a brick wall like this and revert back to Dashboards or Web App Builder. 😞


This is comical.  


@CaseyFrost Agree it would be comical, but only under certain conditions:

1) Not paying over $100k per year for licensing

2) If this was an isolated incident

The Experience builder team is a joke and the migration between JS3/4 and the new Map viewers has been an absolute shambles. ESRI doesn't care about their users because they have a solid government user base, who are not spending their own money. I wonder how much of esri income comes from government and if tax payers understand the extortion and ridiculous license costs?


This isn't ideal but it has worked for us in the meantime. We've added a text field to our data and calculated using an Arcade expression:

Text($feature["measurement_date"], 'YYYY-MM-DD')

You can also add an attribute rule to this attribute to auto-calculate the date as a string for any new records added.