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Add "news ticker" style moving scroll to text boxes

08-28-2023 03:23 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Add "news ticker" style scrolling to text boxes.

I am working on a mobile first Experience Builder page, which makes space an important consideration in the design. 

I have a Breaking news section, that is automatically populated by the last Survey123 entry.  This allows non-gis users to easily push new information in seconds by submitting a survey.  No need to edit Exb, and publish a change, just update the survey.


Currently I have the height set to auto, which means I lose screen space the more information that is entered.  Which is not ideal.


I would love to see a "news ticker" style moving scroll to show longer entries.  So, I could have a set height for all breaking news, and not lose the screen space if there is a lot of information to be shown.  The text just scrolls accross the screen.


For example, the text auto scroll like an old-time news ticker.