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Add Projected Coordinate Systems to Coordinate Conversion widget

08-06-2023 09:26 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Currently, the Coordinate Conversion widget in Experience Builder only converts Lat-Long coordinates into different notations, but can't convert coordinates into a different projected coordinate system.

I would like users to be able to input a set of coordinates in one coordinate system (e.g. Lat-Long) and get coordinates in another projected coordinate system (for example NZTM 2000 / EPSG 2193) and vice versa. The tool should be configurable to allow for coordinates for many projections to be converted.


Agreed.  For my applications, only being able to see various versions of Lat/Lon makes this widget pretty useless.


Yes please!  This would be VERY useful!!!


Excellent idea


This would be really useful for my work also! Fingers crossed.


Pretty essential  for any mapping application.


Absolutely agree this is required. Would also highlight the following confusion between the two coordinate widgets available in AGOL Experience Builder:

  • Coordinates: is capable of 'converting' between different coordinate systems because datum transformations can be configured in the widget. However, the user can only view one system output at a time, meaning two very precise mouse-clicks are required to obtain a conversion (bearing in mind the marker disappears at each reset). 
  • Coordinate Conversion: is only capable of converting the format of the coordinate within the map coordinate system. It does however leave a nice pin on the map!

Arguably, the former does a better job of 'conversion' but in a not very useful manner. The latter is conversion in a limited sense only and actually more useful as a coordinate pinning function (IMO).

Using both widgets does allow an extremely fudgy conversion: pin point with 'conversion' widget; click pin to get the (approximate) conversion with the non-conversion widget. I'm not recommending that - just highlighting how un-intuitive the split across two widgets is. Solution: combine them into one.


Hi! This seems like a good enhancement for the coordinate widget. I'd suggest logging in a support case. Thank you.