Add Data Widget in Experience Builder

08-26-2020 03:38 PM
Status: Implemented
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Please include the "Add Data" Widget that is available in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to ArcGIS Experience Builder.  


@Jianxia - Thank you for the response! 

I am commenting to put another vote in. The ability for a user to add data into the app is the main reason we are holding back from using the Web Experience Builder. 

Looking forward to the Add Data widget! Thanks for all the great work on this tool. 


Developing my first Experience and disappointed to find out the Add Data Widget is missing.  As others have mentioned I find it extremely frustrating ESRI releases product replacements with LESS functionality than product it is replacing.  This happened with ArcPro compared to ArcMap, Map Viewer compared to Map Viewer Classic and now EB compared to WAB.  Glad to know that the Add Data Widget is coming in 6 months but ESRI really needs to do better.


Ditto of @MatthewStephenson2 's comment.  Esri's management of new releases and the features provided is very poor, something I have not encountered with other software vendors.  Esri absolutely must improve in this area, as it is very shoddy and unacceptable, even for a prominent company like Esri.

Esri management - TAKE NOTE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


It's all right guys, it's scheduled for Q2 next year! A huge multinational corporation throwing out unfinished products is perfectly understandable!! If anything, I actually hope we have to wait until 2024, then I'll be even more excited to finally use Experience Builder!!!


Godspeed $1bn company Esri, take as long as you need xxx


@RichardJennings if we wait until 2024, then ESRI is likely to push out another webapp product which is supposed to supersede EB, but is even more half-baked.  Nope, I do not jest


Please add this sooner rather than later, we really need use of this in Experience Builder and I can see many others do to.

If EB is eventually replacing WAB then why does it not contain all the functionality/capability of WAB? It doesn't make sense to me to release a new app that will replace an existing app and not have all the functionality/capability of the existing app from the offset. 


I'm also disappointed in not finding de Add Data widget in ExperienceBuilder.

Please develop as quickley as possible!


In general, a product is developed through incremental releases. See the functional parity of Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder for migration status.

Currently, the Add Data widget is planned for the upcoming online release in February 2023. Thank you for your help.


@Jianxia if Esri expects developers to migrate from WAB to EB, given that EV is based on TypeScript (JS 4.x), then it is absolutely imperative that ALL of the function & feature of WAB (at least that expected to be ported over) be ported to EB.  This is standard, commercial software upgrade practice which, unfortunately, Esri does not appear to be following, as is the case with the AGOL Mapviewer (MapViewer Classic -> MapViewer).   I respectfully ask that Esri please keep in mind the needs of their customer base.  Thank you.



They have the market cornered, therefore have no need to respect their customer base. Hence a situation such as this, where they can push an unfinished product out, then, with a straight face, claim that 'a product is developed through incremental releases'. No, that is utter **bleep**, a product should be developed until it is finished, then released.


I would like Esri to own this and be honest about the fact they have released an unfinished product and are taking a very half-arsed approach to finishing it. But they won't, they'll just continue to get poor Jianxia to make pathetic excuses.