Add Actions to Survey123 Widget in Experience Builder

06-29-2021 09:57 AM
Status: Open
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I am using Experience Builder to build an application where people can select an object in the Map which passes data through to Survey123.  From there, some questions in the survey are autofilled, and others the customer supplies the data.  It would be nice to have the map refresh, and possibly zoom back to default after the survey has been submitted.  Currently there are no actions associated with the Survey123 widget, and with the application I'm building, if the map was refreshed after the survey submission, then that item would no longer be displayed in the map for someone to choose.



In the map you're showing the 123 results in, you can set the refresh interval - if you set it fairly low, you'll catch all new submissions not long after they're live.

This aside, I do agree with asking for more interactivity from the 123 widget - it's more or less a slightly more functional embed frame at the moment. 

I'd like to see the ability to create linked text boxes, back to a survey, that can be positioned and formatted as you see fit. Bit like how we can use connected data in a natural form within a text element.



Thanks for the reply Jonathan, I was initially assuming the refresh interval you're speaking of would be within the Survey123 mobile app??  But then we all know where assumptions get us.  Were you referring to this?  Set refresh interval (Map Viewer Classic)—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation  If so, then thanks for the information, I think that may help out.  Not quite what I had in mind, but I believe its at least a fix until maybe one day we get more functionality with this widget.



Hi, yes, the refresh set against the Map within Classic. 

There's another option, something else I'm doing within ExpB. Instead of just inserting a map into the experience, I'm building experiences to support the look and feel I want in a map - using this approach and embedding the "map" does allow me to set a refresh rate against the widget.

The screenshot below is that map experience embedded, allows me a bit more design on the look and feel, along with functionality within the map. I've a refresh set on the embed widget.