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10-28-2019 06:03 AM
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I have WFS and WMS services published on the ArcGIS Server. I am trying to integrate those services with a custom platform, which requires some custom nodes to exist in WSDL files of those services in order for the integration to work properly. I tried to do some research but there is nothing straight forward in the documentation about this. Accordingly,

1- Is there any thing we can do that allows us to edit those WSDL files?
2- If not, would it be developing custom SOE for each service be a solution?

thank You.

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Hola Elie Rizk‌, se me ocurre que podrías hacer un WS tal cual vos lo necesites para que se integre con tu plataforma legada, y este WS consuma los servicios ARCGIS y agregue lógica para los parámetros adicionales o características especificas que requerís manejar.

Una idea, espero sirva.


Anibal Martinez


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