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webgisdr fails - portal not running

10-28-2019 08:42 AM
Occasional Contributor


We cannot connect to our Enterprise Portal.  The logs report error codes 218010 and 218012.  I suspect that the transaction logs are too large as logs from the weekend report that they are over 5GB.  I cannot run the webgisdr utility as it reports it cannot connect to https://<hostname>/<wa>/sharing/rest.  I have restarted the Portal, ArcGIS Server and Data Store services.  Our Server is federated with our Portal.

Is there another way to clear the logs?  Is there another way to get Portal running again?

We are stuck and unable to work at the moment on a critical Portal app.  We have contacted ESRI support, but I thought I would try the Community while I was waiting to hear back.

Best and TIA, Dixie.

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