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Write standalone application with ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

10-10-2020 10:59 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi all

The ArcGIS Enterprise SDK is mainly for SOE & SOI

Can I write a standalone program (for example service running on server) with it?

Is it possible technically and by the licenses agreement?

We need some service that do GIS stuff on server.

Arcpy is one option but it is limited.

We do not want to depend on ArcMap or Engine but the CoreHsot of Pro SDK is very limited.

Runtime is one more SDK that can do it but it is one more SDK to learn..



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Hello @ModyBuchbinder, did you find any solution for this? Would you mind to share it here please. 

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No solution and no answer

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Thank you for the response, appreciated @mody_buchbinder.

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