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Work Order Management System

05-09-2023 07:42 PM
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Hello All, 

I have been reading these posts for a long time with great help. Thank you all for posting questions and responding.  Here it goes my issue. 

I am working with a client that is deploying ArcGIS enterprise and they are currently using ArcGIS online. On AGOL they are using Workforce and not using a 3rd party work order management system to generate work order numbers. My question is this:

Is there a script or function I can run to:

When a Workforce task is created, a unique number is generated by a script for that task within Workforce. This number is passed from Workforce to Survey123 to complete the survey for the work, but if that work can't be completed by that crewmember or needs to be reviewed or transferred to another department. so in the survey form, it has the option to transfer the work to a "blank person" and submit the survey. Then, that department receives an email notification from the recent Survey123 form. The next person opens their survey123 form and the information explaining why it was transferred is already filled out along with the unique number of the Workforce task that was originally generated in the first step.


I know this sounds confusing but please ask questions and maybe I can explain it better. 


Thanks in advance!



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I'm not overly familiar with Workforce, but what you describe I've done a good deal of with Python before.  I could also see Arcade playing a role in this workflow as well.  Alternatively, you might be able to accomplish this with attribute rules on the data side.


I saw this blog post on creating unique IDs, and it pointed to a resource for integrating Workforce with the Python API.

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